About Cronos

Guillermo Di Clemente PhD, MSW

Cronos Clinical Consulting Services

In 2001, while running a research study at Columbia University, I observed data inconsistencies and grew increasingly concerned with the accuracy of the symptom assessment data submitted by raters. Rater experience and understanding of clinical research tools and practices varied so widely that I felt data quality was at risk. It was then that I was inspired to develop a system that could verify symptom severity scores sumitted by the raters.

Combining my commitment to clinical excellence and a keen interest in technology, I developed a complex set of algorithms that are able to detect discrepancies and inconsistencies in outcome measure data.  I was assisted in the validation of the system by many scale authors and thought leaders across CNS specialties who were excited by this innovative approach.

At Cronos we understand the need to make strategic investments where it counts, and we know that an investment in data monitoring yields a substantial return in improved data quality.  Cronos is the established leader in clinical data monitoring for neuroscience trials, and Cronos technology has been deployed by many sponsors with great success. We have analyzed over two million outcome measures across 55 counties and more than 2,000 sites.

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