Clinical Expertise  - Our clinicians evaluate discrepancies and take  corrective action.

Our experienced team of clinicians evaluate risk signals
and determine if and what corrective action is required. C
orrective actions prevent
risk signals from becoming
challenges that could impact the results of your study.

Clinical Case Reviews and Case Discussions

Efficient and comprehensive analysis tools and techniques are key to delivering the promises of an effective data monitoring platform - not only detecting incidents faster, but ensuring that those problems that could cause the most harm to your trial are automatically flagged for response and remediation.

During our Clinical Review process, a lead clinician determines if the detected discrepancies are problematic in the larger context of the site’s performance.  This human interface allows for decisions to be made about the clinical veracity of the discrepancy, allows a review of previous interactions with a given site and allows Cronos to match response with the severity of the predicted risk.  When necessary, a Clinician contacts the site to discuss discrepancies and advise the site on any misunderstandings of administration or data scoring technique issues.

“Cronos' clinical knowledge on scale administration was superb and having the ability to perform case discussions in the rater's native language made all the difference.” - Medical Leader