Clinical Expertise Our clinical specialists work with raters to prevent inaccurate scoring.

Our corrective actions prevent risk signals from becoming
challenges that could impact the results of your study.

Did you ever wonder if the quality of your study data
is able to truly address the scientific questions of interest?

A feedback process incorporated within the Cronos platform provides reporting and analysis that gives insights into trends across site performance. This quality control dashboard shows risk signals that are pending, percentage remediated, severity, which sites are affected, error rates associated with a particular aspect of performance and summary statistics of performance. This information allows Cronos and the Sponsor to target quality control oversight before the study begins. Comprehensive analysis tools ensure that identified risk signals that could do the most harm to your study are considered before study start.

Our technology, though vital, cannot solve all risks of non-compliance and error on its own.  While softer issues such as culture elude precise definition or quantification there is no doubt that culture plays an important role in many aspects of quality control. Technology is still not a substitute for human review and interaction. For this reason, Cronos presents information on a one-on-one basis and elevates data monitoring beyond data operations to all stakeholders including data managers, medical leaders, operational managers and biostatisticians.


“Cronos approaches our interaction in a very collegial manner,  I'm not worried when Cronos calls because I understand  that they are calling to help. I like the fact that I can proactively call them to gain a deeper understanding of the scale”
Site Rater